Russian Language Immersion (программа языкового погружения)

 The Russian Language Immersion Program


The curators of the program are Ms. Olga Aksenvoa and Ms. Yuliya Vostrikova.

Our Russian language courses are offered in the ancient and historic city of Tver, located on the Volga River.





Tver is located between Moscow and St. Petersburg, giving students a chance to experience both beautiful cities. Tver is also close to Torzhok, a city famous for its churches, cathedrals and monasteries.


Our teaching is based on the methodology first developed at the “Uppervolga,” one of the region’s premier private institutes.


The program provides language immersion in an environment where students and professors choose how much to limit the use of the student’s native language.  We develop individual programs for each student according to his or her abilities and objectives. All our classes are one-on-one, with an emphasis on creating an atmosphere where the students are able to relax and express themselves freely.  Students are hosted by Russian families, which allows them to communicate each day with native speakers of different ages and backgrounds.  Not only do students observe how Russian people live, they hear natural language in a home environment which enhances language learning.





The program offers courses for one week, two weeks, or three weeks, which is the equivalent of 42, 84, or 126 hours. The intensity of the classes can be adjusted to the goals and abilities of the student, with lessons in the classroom, informal training, attendance at events and communication with local residents.



The Institute is honored that we have been chosen for 5 years to host a Russian Language Immersion Program for U.S. diplomats. Every year, the Institute trains diplomats who are serving in Russia from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, and from the Consulates in St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg, as well as diplomats who are studying Russian at the Foreign Service Institute in Washington, D.C.

Because of our success in language training, our program has attracted diverse students including top business managers and NASA specialists.

We are open to anyone wishing to learn Russian and especially welcome those people who will use Russian professionally.  We are confident that our methodology will allow you to improve your language skills, gain confidence and achieve the results that you desire.  We look forward to welcoming you to Tver! 

More information:

+7(904)0089126 (Julia)

+7(906)5549222 (Olga)


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